Auldearn Community Timeline

In autumn 2010 an ARCH class researched the heritage of the parish of Auldearn. For thousands of years people have lived around the area, leaving evidence of a wealthy population. Some of the past millennia has survived, but much has been altered or has been destroyed. The resulting display and binder contained highlights of some of the sites, buildings and finds from the area. All numbers which have an asterix (*) were featured on the display. Further information about these and many other interesting remains of our heritage can be found in binders at Nairn Library, Nairn Museum and on loan in the community, or by consulting Highland Council’s Historic Environment Record at

The group researched:

* 1. Stone axeheads (Neolithic)
1.1 Scraper and macehead from Auldearn (Neolithic)
*2. Bronze Age metalwork
*3. Clava type cairns (Bronze Age)
*4. Cist burials (Bronze Age
*5. Cup marked Stone (Neolithic - Bronze Age)
5.1 Cairns (Neolithic to Iron Age)
*6. Laikenbuie cairnfield (Bronze Age - Iron Age)
*7. Little Penick palisaded enclosure (possibly Iron Age)
*8. Vitrified hillforts (Iron Age)
*9. Roman dipper (Iron Age)
9.1 Placenames
* 10. Auldearn buckle (Medieval)
10.1 Medieval castles
*11. Auldearn church (Medieval onwards)
*12. Chapels and holy wells (Medieval onwards)
12.1 Post-medieval churches
13. Battle of Auldearn (1645)
*14. Inchoch and Penick Castles (17th century)
*15. Doocots (18th century)
*16. Schools (17th century onwards)
*17. Lion Hotel (at least 19th century)
*18. Windmills (20th century)
*19. Curling Pond and recreation field (20th century
*20. Croy Hoard (Pictish)
21. Roads
22. Icehouses
23. Railway
24. WWI/WWII remains
25. Misc general information

An asterix (*) indicates the topic featured on the display.

Auldearn Community Timeline was researched and prepared by:

Janice Downie, Liz Grant, Donnie Mackenzie, Verena MacKinnon, Irene Mackintosh, Marie MacLeod, Bill Mitchell, Jim Scott, Malvina Taylor and Lyndsay Whyte.
This display is dedicated to Alan Walker.





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